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Strategic Planning

Dates :
From September 16th to 20th and October 21st to 25th 2013

Durée :
0 jour (0 heures)

Lieu :
AgroParisTech, campus de Montpellier , MONTPELLIER

Tarification :
3890 Euros

Thématique :
Gestion de l'eau

Contexte :

Objectif :
Strategic planning helps leaders deliver a concrete, credible vision and goal free of the inhibitions and
constraints that may initially be felt.
For a heavily degraded water and sanitation service, this vision must be long-term (>10 years). The
goal must be to bring this service up to the best international standards: coverage, quality and
continuity of the service, and accessibility.
This module teaches future leaders to prepare such a vision, sketch the main steps of its development,
identify priorities and key elements leading to its accomplishment, and ensure its economic feasibility.
This exercise will strengthen leaders' conviction, provide them keys to share with all stakeholders, and
help them motivate all to strive for a goal that may seem unattainable in view of its long-term nature.
To work towards the vision in line with the strategic plan, operational action plans must be drawn up.
When a major project is undertaken in a highly degraded situation, two time horizons are distinguished:
- medium-term (5 years), a time horizon which allows for major investments underpinning the service
to be undertaken
- immediate short-term (first 12 months), during which the project gains its first impetus, ensuring the
viability and legitimacy of the service as well as the credibility of the operator
This module provides trainees with the tools they need to draft and monitor their Short-Term Action
Plan and Medium-Term Action Plan

Compétences à acquérir :

Publics concernés :
Open to all professional from water and sanitation services.
This specialised session is taught in English.

Pré-requis :

Programme :
The stages of a major project (Interactive mode) :

Elements of a strategic plan

Understanding the construction of a strategic plan :
Assignment and goals / Markets and clients / Environmental analysis / Strong and weak points / Priorities and steps / Economic and financial approach / Sustainable strategy

Application to a water and/or sanitation service :
Forming goals – Key elements of a service's strategic plan - How to prepare a strategic plan – Modelling

Case study of Phnom Penh

Building a medium-term plan – Medium-term plan cycle :
· Priorities – Scenarios
· Goals, Indicators, Associated measures: Service access and charges, quality/continuity, HR/Organisation/Training/Productivity, NRW, Invoicing/Charging/Customer relations, IS, Communication, Relations with stakeholders
· Studies and required investment: Master plans, networks and plans, facilities / vehicles / equipment, machines and tools, IS, buildings
· Economic and financial flows: Invoicing / Income / Operating expenses / Working Capital / Requirement / Investments / Operating accounts / Cash flows / Financing plan

Medium-term plan : Case study

Immediate action plans : Overall framework + case study
· Issues – Priorities – Preparing start-up – Taking charge of operations
· Works and setting priorities (the 80/20 rule), HR / organisation, purchasing, reporting, relations with stakeholders

Conférenciers associés :
The instructor of the session is Jacques Bertrand, creator and chairman of AquaOrbi. He heads the strategic policy committee of the "Water for All" Chair at ParisTech. Jacques Bertrand has over 25 years of experience in the field of urban water and wastewater services. He is a graduate of the French Ecole Polytechnique and holds a degree in rural engineering of waters and forests.

Méthode pédagogique :
Lectures, illustrated by concrete examples, interspersed and followed by exchanges between speakers and participants.

Modalités d'évaluation :

Chef de projet :
Silvia ALEGRE, AgroParisTech, campus de Montpellier

Responsable de la formation :
Emmanuelle KLEIN

Assistant de la formation :
01 45 49 89 14

Nb de places :

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