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Human Resource Management

Dates :
du mardi 05 avril au vendredi 08 avril 2011

Durée :
0 jour (0 heures)

Lieu :
AgroParisTech, campus de Montpellier , MONTPELLIER

Tarification :
1800 Euros

Thématique :
Gestion de l'eau

Contexte :

Objectif :
Understand the issues surrounding human resource management and its impact on a company.
Understand the importance of the virtuous cycle of "Skills - Performance - Reward". Learn to set up and run a company and guide its development. Define the relevant steering tools for "Human Resources".

Shouldering one's responsibilities as an employer. Understanding the role and behaviour expected of managers. How to enforce compliance with regulations. What is the best choice of organisation to ensure that the H&S policy is a success?

Compétences à acquérir :

Publics concernés :
Open to all professional from water and sanitation services.
This specialised session is taught in English.

Pré-requis :

Programme :
HR Diagnostic - Social Audit :
- Performing a diagnostic and preparing an HR development plan
- Identifying excess staff and needs
- Examining and evaluating the HR knowledge and skills base
- Understanding the investigation and assessment processes
- Conducting one-on-one interviews for assessment purposes
- Understanding the relationship between HR and a company's economic and financial choices

HR planning, staff management :
- The quantitative and qualitative approaches to skills-based management
- Matching skills and work
- Anticipating changes in the workplace (and in related skills) and understanding the associated issues
- Using various tools and methods: the HR knowledge and skills base, job descriptions, hiring interviews

Career management / mobility :
- Tools
- Career mobility (upward and horizontal)
- How to provide greater visibility in-house?
- How to make best use of candidate pipelines?
- Detecting and managing high-potential employees
- Evaluating employees (the annual review, 360-degree feedback, etc.)
- Employee motivation and ensuring employee loyalty

Training :
- The strategic aspect of training
- Identifying needs
- Preparing and implementing a training plan
- Monitoring and assessing training carried out
- Evaluating the effectiveness of training
- Training budgets

Recruitment :
- The various approaches
- Identifying needs
- Defining the job position
- Gathering and using applications
- Internet and recruitment
- The interview
- Integration

Performance and remuneration :
- Pay
- Pay variables
- Employee remuneration and motivation policies
- Using interviews as recognition and motivation tools
- Collective and individual salary hikes
- Managing payroll

Managing change :
- Staying ahead of company projects
- Resistance and adaptation to change
- Understanding the underlying psycho-sociological mechanisms

In-house communication :
- Listening to your company and employees
- Circulating information
- Management and HR: the responsibility of managers

Labour relations :
- Employee representative bodies
- The purpose and role of unions
- Individual and collective conflicts

HR Reporting - Social management auditing : What are the relevant indicators? How to read HR management charts

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Méthode pédagogique :

Modalités d'évaluation :

Chef de projet :
Jean-Antoine FABY, AgroParisTech, campus de Montpellier

Responsable de la formation :
Sophie LE CAM

Assistant de la formation :
01 45 49 89 18

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